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Industry Solutions
Equipment for the food, dairy, cheese, yogurt, dairy drinks, soft drinks, juices and laboratory industries.
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We are happy to visit us. Our company works to bring the best in engineering and stainless equipment, always with innovation and technology. Learn about our solutions!

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Engineering and Technology

With a group of engineering with extensive experience in the area, we guarantee 100% the excellence of the final product. Therefore, with each passing year, as technology evolves, we evolve as well. Therefore, Inoxnew develops efficient solutions to deliver productivity and profitability to our customers.

We are leaders in the stainless steel equipment segment

With a team of specialized engineers, we carry out the most complete projects to customers. Thus, we operate throughout the national territory, bringing cutting-edge equipment, intelligent engineering and industrial productivity. 

equipamentos inox

With the experience and knowledge of those who, over the years, have presented innovative solutions in stainless steel equipment for companies not only in Brazil, but also in several countries around the world, Inoxnew has achieved a high standing in the sector because it has know-how -how in the segment, as well as the performance in the national and international market.

Having quality is always important, so we have engineers and technicians with experience to perform various services when it comes to equipment maintenance. So, to keep your equipment running efficiently, maintenance is essential.


Definitely all the recognition in the branch of manufacture and assembly of stainless steel equipment, is due to the care of the company with the services provided in all stages of its service, from negotiation, elaboration of projects to the making and installation. So is Inoxnew.

Taking care of our future

In short, we are constantly looking for new ways to meet the expectations of our market. This implies providing safe and sustainable products to our customers and consumers with much more responsibility. In this way, we can create sustainable solutions to feed a rapidly growing population, based on the profile of our customers. After all, we go far beyond the sale of equipment, we support individuals and communities in our businesses, markets and supply chains, for example.

By promoting environmental innovations throughout the life cycle of our products and our own operations, we are demonstrating how a company like ours can do more with less.

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