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  • Heat exchanger sealing plates and gaskets;
  • Flat sheets and coils;
  • Round, square and rectangular structural tubes;
  • Round bars, rectangular flat bars and rolled corners; 
  • Butterfly, ball, check, flow regulating, safety and amusement valves;
  • Sanitary connections
  • Articulated curves, tapered reductions, TEES, clamps and support;
  • Mechanical seals and special connections.

Válvula Micrométrica

Abraçadeira Suporte para Tubo

União SMS

Válvula de Retenção

Cuva 90°

Válvula Borboleta Manual


Porcas SMS

Tee Inox


Curva 45°

Válvula Angular

Abraçadeira TC

Reduções Inox

Cruzeta Inox

Placa Diversora